Personal Data Management System Policy

As AD Tanıtım Turizm Org. Teks. Gıda San. İth. İhr. Ltd. Şti.;


- Our organization collects and processes personal data in accordance with the laws of Turkey and the Member States of the European Union in order to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, in particular privacy.

- All of our personal data processing activities are covered by our policy. This includes the processing of personal and sensitive personal data of customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, as well as any data collected and processed by the organization from any source.

-Our organization takes the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure an adequate level of security to prevent the unlawful processing of the personal data it processes, to prevent unlawful access to the data and to ensure the retention of the data, and in this regard carries out the necessary audits or has them carried out.

-As for the processing of personal data, it is carried out to a limited and adequate extent, in accordance with the law and the rules of probity, correctly and, when necessary, for current, specific, clear and legitimate purposes.

- Our organization retains personal data for as long as required by law or as required by the purpose of processing personal data.

- Our organization educates personal data owners and provides them with the necessary information when personal data owners request it.

- Our organization does not act on the processing of sensitive personal data or does so only with explicit consent, except in cases expressly provided for by law.

- Our organization performs actions and activities by acting in accordance with the provisions on the transfer of personal data provided for in the Law.

- We continue our activities for the protection of personal data with objectives that can be monitored, measured and evaluated in our organization.

- Our organization raises awareness about the protection of personal data and communicates the related obligations to its internal and external stakeholders.

- Our organization conducts training to improve technical and behavioral skills to raise awareness of personal data protection.

- Our organization attends to personal data breaches, assesses the matter in accordance with the disciplinary procedure, and immediately informs Board members of crimes and breaches.

- Our organization continuously monitors the confidentiality, integrity, timeliness, and access rights of personal data using a process-based inventory and process-based risk assessment.

-Our organization is committed to implementing the personal data protection management system, systematically managing it, continuously improving it, and providing the resources required for the system.




Respectfully submitted.