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Corendon Touristic delivers Health Tourism services under the umbrella of Corendon Care. Now, comfortable and safe travel is possible thanks to Corendon Care that caters for any kind of facility while facilitating travel needs of passengers that face various obstacles or do not even have the opportunity to travel with conventional means. We are here to deliver any kind of medical treatment or care services with Corendon Care. Your chronic diseases are not even a hindrance for escaping from your routine and stressful life,

having a vacation in Turkey, knowing different cultures, discovering natural beauties of Turkey and finding new flavors. Treatments and surgeries are now delivered by experienced physicians using the state of the art technology with cost saving solutions compared to Europe with the best service quality in high technology hospitals in Turkey. The budget-friendly treatments and time saving procedures have made Turkey an indispensable destination for health tourism. A good vacation is a must for all of us. No disability will be an obstacle for you to elevate your life quality and maintain your mental balance thanks to our health tourism services.

Corendon Care offers the best suited option for your needs in the light of its experiences among
numerous alternatives in Turkey for a vacation full of wellbeing. During your vacation, Corendon
Care will always be there for you with its experienced team. Our qualified team members will be
always ready 24 hours a day to deliver you detailed information. You can contact us for any kind
of temporary chronic health problems or plastic surgery needs. We are always by your side to
make you feel at home. Please contact our toll-free consultancy services to hear about our
customized offer for a safe and also unforgettable vacation experience. We wish you
healthy and happy days. Corendon Care services

1. Dialysis and Holiday
Turkey features fully equipped dialysis centers and hospitals. All centers employ foreign
language speakers and they have contracts with all foreign insurance companies. Corendon
Care’s responsibility is to arrange bookings with the dialysis center. We can arrange your
dialysis times with transfer to dialysis center from your accommodation and receive correspondence and payment
guarantee with the insurance company as well as all other
medical information from your hospital. All you need to do is to come for a holiday.

1. Vacation dialysis centers
Antalya – Fresenius Medical Care
Alanya – Private Anadolu Hospital
Başkent Hospital
Marmaris – Ahu Hospital
Fethiye - Private Fethiye Dialysis Center
Bodrum – Private Bodrum Dialysis Center
Kuşadası – Private Söke Dialysis Center
İstanbul- Fresenius Medical Care
Nationwide – Fresenius Medical Care


In recent years, Turkey has made great progress in dental treatment services at World
standards. Crowns and fillings are produced by computerized methods only in 8 minutes per
tooth in 3D. They are in conformity with dental cavity 100% and they will enable you to have
a perfect smile design while enjoying your holiday to full extent as you will save time.
Whether zircon, porcelain or composite material, your new teeth will let you enjoy a
comfortable vacation as you benefit from budget friendly prices compared to other
countries. Our partner dental clinic Apeks Oral and Dental Health Policlinic is located in
Antalya. You can send your photos by email to learn more about the predicted treatment
duration, accommodation and price information. You will not be paying for this preliminary step.


Are you bound to wheelchair? Or, do you require special treatment during your vacation and
you need special equipment for your comfort? If you have any condition limiting your travel,
please email us in detail and let us turn your vacation into a comfortable experience.

Corendon Care provides transfer vehicles with special lifting equipment as well as assisting
equipment in your hotel room such as lift bed. Moreover, we can recruit teams with
qualifications of your desire upon request.
Wide spectrum of information and demands that you will communicating to us will let you
enjoy a matchless vacation experience.


Our contractual surgeons are here to perform any kind of plastic surgery in a very short time
using the highest quality equipment. You can contact us by e-mail with your photos. Our
surgeons will inform you about the treatment in general with information such as operation
time, hospitalization time and price.
We are capable of delivering all popular as well as customized plastic surgeries with the best
plastic reconstructive and plastic surgeons. Please send us your photos detailing your
condition for preliminary consultation and price information.
Some examples from the most widely known surgeries;

Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty – is the name given to the plastic surgery that is performed on
those individuals that are not satisfied with their nose structure as a result of an altered nose
shape either by birth or due to subsequent deformations. In this surgery, permanent change
to nose is applied. In this operation, nose skeleton and soft tissues are reshaped to bring
nose to a form that is in harmony with face.

– Prominent ear correction
– Neck and face lifting
– Eye lid correction
– Eyebrow lifting
– Chin correction
– Fat injection

Aging causes deformations in bone tissue together with sagging in skin, soft tissue and mimic
muscles due to the effect of gravity. Reduction of soft tissue in face as well as loss of
elasticity in skin causes sagging and lines in our faces. In our daily lives, we express ourselves
with our eyes rather than words. People use their eyes more while they express themselves
in social interactions. However, correcting your eyelid will beautify your glances with a very
simple procedure. Moreover, any genetical deformation in ear lobe might cause a lot of
unfavorable effects especially during childhood due to comments from other kids. You can
reshape your ear with simple interventions using small stitches on ear lobe cartilage.

- Breast enlargement
- Breast reduction
- Breast lifting
- Breast surgery in men - Gynecomastia
Being one of the strongest symbols of femininity, breast holds an important place in plastic
surgery domain. The main objective of breast enlargement is to have breasts with the size
and shape most attuned to normal body and anatomic structure of a woman. Large breasts,
on the other hand, might cause cavities due to bra straps on shoulders together with back,
neck and shoulder pain as well as excessive sweating, rash under breasts and infections,
difficulty in exercising, undesired attention and comments from others, and difficulty in
finding comfortable clothing. For men, on the other hand, enlargement of breasts due to
hormonal irregularities or hereditary reasons will cause a feminine look which seriously
affects psychology and social lives of men. There are two ways for solving this problem;
reducing fat tissue by liposuction or removing excessive tissue with surgery.

The most popular surgeries are;
– Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)
– Liposuction
– Arm and leg lifting
It is possible to correct – lift abdomen, arms or legs with only a couple of hours of operation
in case of deformation or sagging for various reasons.

Surprising, isn’t it? But it’s a miracle!
Swimming with Dolphins is a special exercise with a positive effect on the intellectual
capacity of individuals. The effects on immunity system are very useful for development of
attention and self-confidence too. It improves the feelings of love and trust and enhances the
interest and curiosity of the individual for the external world. It radically improves
interpersonal communication skills. Such a family therapy is extremely valuable for the family
since disability of a person in a family is very difficult, however this treatment will improve
love and understanding. Corendon Care cooperates with expert therapists in Antalya. Please contact us for
accommodation and therapy schedule with particular details of your family members.
Corendon Care will arrange all therapy and accommodation details for you.

You can contact us for any treatment or surgery option. We work with fully equipped
hospitals. We are able to provide detailed information based on your requests and questions.


LASER treatment is the most widely used method for the treatment of myope,
hypermetropia and astigmatic cases as well as in refractive surgery. For those that are not
suitable for laser surgery, there are inner eye lens replacement surgeries too.
Our contractual eye hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies to set you free from
eye glasses only in 15 minutes. After being examined by experienced oculists, you will get rid
of your eye glasses on the same day.

You have the possibility to be examined and operated for any kind of ocular problem in
experienced hospitals. Please remember that any kind of examination and surgery is
performed with much lower costs compared to other world countries in much shorter time
thanks to superior technological devices.

Our Health Care Team is on your service for 7/24 hours. For any of your enquiry you could reach us by telephone +90 544 586 84 26 , e-mail health@corendon.com.tr or please use the enquiry form as below. One of our health experts will contact you shortly.

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