General Sustainability Policy

    We are committed to growing our business in a sustainable manner. We recognize that the environment, communities and cultures within which we operate are vital to the success of our business.
    Responsible travel is one of our company’s core values, we aim to maximize the positive effects that tourism can have on individuals and local communities, while minimizing the negative social, environmental and economic impacts
    Accepting environmental health as equal to human health, controlling our natural resource consumption and waste, reducing environmental pollution and using environmentally friendly products,
    Thinking focused on guest satisfaction and identifying guest expectations and needs within this framework and providing the highest level of satisfaction,
    To ensure regular training of our employees, to constantly improve their conditions, to detect the dangers and risks they may be exposed to in advance and to prevent possible work accidents and occupational diseases,
     To provide social and economic benefits to the people of the region and to minimize the negative effects on the public,
     To benefit the cultural heritage and minimize the damage to the cultural heritage,
     To prevent the sale and purchase of any prohibited product determined by the relevant ministries,
     To protect the environment, to improve environmental conditions, to increase positive effects on the environment and to minimize negative effects on the environment,
     To play an active role in the transition to low carbon emissions, taking into account the holistic effects of climate change on economic and social welfare and growth,
     To create a modern and safe work environment that respects human rights and where social justice and labor rights constantly improve,
     To ensure diversity in the workforce without discriminating against people based on gender, religion, political opinion, race, cultural or social origin,
     We are committed to continuous improvement in all activities we carry out for our growth targets in the tourism sector, and to providing an effective and sustainable service by taking into account environmental, social and cultural impacts.


As Corendon Touristic;

We embrace the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and work with the understanding that we are a whole, respecting each other's rights and ideas without discrimination of gender, sexual orientation, age, language, religion, race or disability.

  • Implementing systems that will ensure honest, transparent, fair, respectful and trust-based relationships among our team members,
  • To provide working opportunities under equal and safe conditions,
  • Receiving feedback from our team members and making improvements and developments,
  • Monitoring their performance and planning their careers,
  • To distribute wages fairly and pay in accordance with legal conditions,
  • To protect the personal information of our team members,
  • We are committed to ensuring that all our team members benefit from the social rights, fringe benefits and rewards we have planned.



As Corendon Touristic;

We accept it as our responsibility to know the regions we are in, to respect their historical values ​and cultures, and to benefit their economic and social development.

  • Protecting local resources,
  • To benefit the regional economy by providing local employment and supply,
  • To protect local culture and traditions, views, ethnicity, beliefs, etc. to prevent discrimination on issues,
  • To carry out studies to protect the natural texture, historical, cultural and archaeological elements in the regions we are located,
  • We are committed to supporting the promotion of local food, activities, culture and traditions to our guests.



As Corendon Touristic;

We adopt the Convention on the Rights of the Child, accept every individual up to the age of eighteen as a child, except for cases of reaching adulthood at an earlier age according to the laws of other countries, respect their rights, and accept it as our responsibility to protect them against psychological violence, physical violence and commercial exploitation.

  • Keep them under adult supervision in the activities they participate in,
  • Supporting their communication with other children, appreciating and encouraging their success,
  • To teach our team members the types of child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect), child abuse reporting practices and our social responsibilities in this context,
  • To provide training on children's rights and protection,
  • Being aware of parents' attitudes and behaviors towards their children, and signs of physical-verbal-psychological violence or neglect,
  • In case of suspicious situations in which our child guests may be harmed, first inform the relevant units and, when deemed necessary, seek help from the Social Support Line,
  • We are committed to supporting relevant projects for all children and their rights.



As Corendon Touristic;

  • To select our team members from people who have the necessary education, experience and competencies and are compatible with our corporate culture, values ​​and goals,
  • We are committed to investing in our team members, organizing training that will ensure their development, and improving the health and safety conditions of work areas and conditions.



As Corendon Touristic;

  • Not to discriminate when selecting and evaluating our team members,
  • To support women's participation in the workforce in all our departments,
  • To act with the policy of equal pay for equal work,
  • To distribute tasks within the framework of the principle of equality,
  • To provide support, regardless of gender, in the processes of taking advantage of career opportunities, increasing the level of education and being involved in management,
  • We are committed to supporting a work policy that preserves work-family-life balance.