Turkey, Cradle of Civilisations...

A country of sun and history, Turkey is also a bridge binding Europe and Asia and as such , it has been inhabited during every stage of human history.  Anatolia, well known as one the earliest settlements, has continued to flourish with the migration of various tribes, and accumulated a large cultural heritage through a line of succeeding empires and civilizations. Many empires ranging from the Sumerians to the Hittites, the Lydians to the Byzantines and the Seljuks to the Ottomans have once thrived and expired within the borders of Turkey.

Don't miss ! The must sees and does of TURKEY...!

- Don't leave the country without having been to the Dardanelles Straits; this world's most important strait is lit up at night from both sides with the glittering lights that is the non-stop metropolis of Istanbul, while graced by lanterns hanging from the many boat tours  that glide between them.

-You must eat fish from one of the many restaurants that are found along both side of the Istanbul Strait; they can be found in Beylerbeyi, Anadolu Kavağı, Üsküdar, Tarabya, Sarıyer, Kuruçeşme and similar locations along its length.

-Don't leave without having been on a hot-air balloon tour of one of nature's miracles - Cappadoccia.

-You must visit the amazing and magical seas that can be found around the Aegean and Mediterranean. Awesome places to visit include: Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Kaş, Kalkan and make sure to go on their ''Turquaz Tour''!

- Don't leave Istanbul without having visited the historical peninsula, islands, Çamlıca Hill or Beyoğlu.

-You must go shopping for all of the brands that you could ever want or imagine among the traditional and modern settings that only Turkey can provide - from an open-air bazaar that may date-back centuries to the most modern of retail outlets.

-Don't leave without having visited a historical and traditional Turkish Bath.

- You must try out the Turkish cuisine: from regional kebabs to traditional pastries. Sweeten your life with baklava! Chat over a Turkish coffee, gossip over the tea, try the buttermilk and don't forget the sherbet!

- You must visit Konya between December the 7th and 17th to witness the Mevlevi Seb-i celebrations; see the Whirling Dervishes in their full glory!

- Don't leave without having visited the theraputic and medicinal spas and springs that can be found in Bursa, Izmir or Denizli.

- You must visit the World Heritage Site's listings of Troy, Hierapolis and Cappadoccia - unique beauty, culture and history; three-in-one!

- You must visit the many ethnographic sites that so dominate the landscape; from the Topkapi Palace to the Hagia Sophia and then onto the myriad of museums.... and we're still only in Istanbul!


- Don't forget to dive in a country surrounded on three-sides by seas that can show you history and a marine environment at the same time!

- You must visit the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar and the other many historic and modern shopping districts and places.

- Don't leave without having visited the Istanbul Jazz Festival, the Aspendos Opera & Ballet Festival, the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival or one of the other many major and minor festivals that take place in Turkey. 




- You must visit the House of the Virgin Mary in Izmir, the Sumela Monestary in Trabzon, the St. Nicholas Monastery in Antalya; witness the paths of religion in so many ways and places.  

- Don't leave without having visited the Ataturk Mausoleum in Ankara or visiting the War of Independence Museum, to witness how the Republic was formed and why it was established.

- You must visit St. Pierre's Church in Hatay.

- Don't leave without taking a small trip to see Antalya's hydro-hypnotic, powerful Duden and Manavgat waterfalls.

-  You must see the Van Lake, the largest in Turkey and Akdamar Island.

- Don't leave without having become acquainted with the unique nature of the Black Sea Region, with Uzungol, Storm Creek, Ayder plateau; there are many places of exceptional beauty to see and become entranced by.

- You must visit the ancient city of Ani in Kars.

- Don't leave without having experienced the adrenalin rush of the many extreme sports that you can indulge yourself in.

- You must visit the monuments and tombs around Gallipoli and pay respect to the fallen from all sides. This is a place of history, thoughtfulness and respect and one placed critically at the heart of the Turkish Republic. 

- Don't leave without having danced 'til the dawn in any one of the night-clubs that can be found in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and so many other places dotted around the country. 

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