We always endeavour to provide a first class service for all of our clients in the simple belief that if we do, they will come back. And if they come back, we will grow. But don't just take our word for it ; here are just a few comments from some of our satisfied customers.

About Roundtrip
Excursion tour Pamukkale &Turkish Riviera was also by the guide and driver a great trip. Everything was described in the brochure. It was a trip you can’t forget.

About the excursion of Pamukkale & Turkish Riviera
The hotel Grand Park Lara where we stay was very good. The staff was friendly. It was good to sleep, eat and drink. It is perfect for everyone.

With group , 12 feb 2015 Wim KLAASSEN , Eindhoven, Nederland

About Roundtrip
It was a great trip for the price we paid. The tour guide was very knowledge and did everything for his clients. We have such a positive impression about Turkey and would definitely go back again. Next time in a warmer period. It was fantastic from beginning to the end.

About the excursion of Pamukkale &Turkish Riviera
The Premium Resort hotel was fantastic from the beginning till the end. Because of the new opening in September 2011 there were some elevator problems but otherwise everything was great in the hotel. The staff was very friendly, the food was very tasty and we enjoyed the luxury of this hotel. The other 2 hotel where we stayed about 2 night were also good but the 5 night in this hotel was absolutely amazing. We definitely recommend this tour.

With partner ,  21 jan 2012 M. Jonkers KINROOI, Belgium

About roundtrip:
My first experience in Turkey was great. Thanks to our excellent guide Mr. Tamer. The excavations were informative and very beautiful. The commercial activities were fun for a time. I bought a wedding gift for my wife.

We married at July 31 but I have already the gift. The weather was very nice and it was a beautiful country. We will definitely come again to walk.
About the excursion Pamukkale & Turkish Riviera

With partner ,  05 feb 2015 Margarita ROOZEN , Heerlen , Nederland

About roundtrip:
The tour was absolutely fun. Pamukkale was a beautiful city to see and the historical places we visited were also very interesting. The tour guide (tamer) had a positive influence on our tour. He was enthusiastic and told us a lot!
We have traveled with a small but nice group. The organization of everything was very well and we had a good driver! It was really a great vacation for a great price.

About the excursion of Pamukkale &Turkish Riviera
We have stayed in a large and luxurious hotel. Many activities were closed because of the winter period. But you can use the hamam and sauna for free. The food was varied and very tasty. We booked half board, perhaps in the future it will be All In because alcohol is still quite pricey. Friendly staff, the hotel is large and easy to visit Antalya by bus.

With friends ,  08 jan 2015 / Anhur SHAYEA, Ijsselstein, Nederland

About roundtrip:

It was a wonderful trip. The excavations of Perge and Aspendos were beautiful and the scale area of Pamukkale was also wonderful to see. We have also enjoyed the presentation of the jewellry and carpet store.

About excursion Pamukkale &Turkish Riviera
The hotel where we stayed Grand Park Lara was more than good. The rooms are large, good sleeping and they clean up every day. The staff is very professional and friendly. The service is fast and accurate. It was also nice to getting water in bottles every day in our room. The food was very varied and tasted amazing. In short, I strongly recommend!!!!!

Johannes ELSINGA ,Den Haag, Nederland

About roundtrip:

We have done a lot of tours and we had during the entire stay a fixed guide, Tamer. I must say that he was very good, enthusiastic, professional and friendly. He knows so much about the environment and traditional of Turkey. This made my vacation complete, otherwise I was lying all day at the pool which is very boring.

About the excursion of Pamukkale &Turkish Riviera

Excellent and friendly hotel with many facilities. I have stayed All Inclusive and that was more than good. There were some problems with the room but it wasn’t a big issue. The price/quality grade was excellent!!!!

Alone ,  06 nov 2014 , MAASSLUIS , Nederland

About roundtrip:

Cappadocia was amazing. I loved the natural wonders en the magical. That people lived there. You can simply not imagine. That they have worked, eaten, slept, getting ill, you keep thinking about it. A hiding for persecuted Christians. What were the people imaginative and clever. Beautiful designed and how they has carved everything, and everything has a name. What a amazing history, in which everything happened. This was the best of the trip.

The journey of 600 km. to Cappadocia has gone well. The way back was beautiful with all the snowcapped peaks. I personally didn’t like the market visit. Perge was very impressive and the boat trip with lunch on the deck and also the beach was very nice.

About the excursion of Cappadocia

We stayed in three hotels. On arrival Nazar, then a nice complex in Cappadocia. It was like a small house very warm en charming. When we were back in Antalya we stayed at Nazar. The diner was varied.

Pietje SWETS , Papendrecht, Nederland

About roundtrip & Cappadocia

The tour was very nice. We have seen a lot at a slow tempo so you had time to see everything. The guide could tell you the fascinating history of the area. It was an impressive trip. The hotel staff was very friendly

With group,  09 apr 2015 Hillegonda MEEUWENOORD , Hillegom, Nederland

About roundtrip:

It was a wonderful trip which we can recommend everyone. The trip was excellently arranged. We had a very pleasant and Professional tour guide who could speak Dutch and Turkish. He could explain the differences and similarities between Holland and Turkey in an excellent way. He has given us a lot more understanding of Turkish culture and the country.

About the excursion of Cappadocia

The accommodations, in Side and Urgup, were excellent. The food was more than excellent and the staff was very friendly. It was a very good choice.

With partner ,  29 march 2015 Jan BUDDING, Nederland

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